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I have been painting works of art for about six years now. And I’ve learned that the more I paint, the less I really know about painting. There is so much to be explored in paintings and so many ways to create them. What I love to paint most are landscapes. I think I naturally gravitate towards the subject of landscapes because of my life-long appreciation of the natural world, it’s connection to human life, and the beauty of creation.

I paint both in my studio and outside. My studio paintings are often multi-layered paintings with carefully plotted color choices and brushstrokes. Most recently, my paintings have been created in muted, moody palettes. Studio paintings also give me a chance to experiment with the technical aspects of painting, while allowing for the patience needed to develop craftsmanship. The aspect of craft is important in how well a finished piece is presented to viewers. I believe, that craftsmanship is the overall fit and finish of a painting, from the bare canvas to the top layer of varnish.

Painting en plein aire or “out of doors” is much different than being in the studio. I have been experimenting with this type of painting for about a year now. Unlike studio paintings, these small intimate paintings seem to have a different purpose. In the studio, I can concentrate on how I “feel” about a place and make my artists voice more apparent in creating mood. But painting outside, seems to be more about capturing the light of the day or just simply exercising my artistic skills…for now anyways. Working from life is also much different than working from photographs with the changing elements of changing light, weather, and time. But being out in nature and really connecting with God’s creation makes this not only an artistic journey, but a spiritual one.