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    How diverse are the art museums in the US?

    Art knows no boundaries. No matter the background or country, an artist can come from every walk of life. The question is: how diverse is the art in US museums? Do we see a commonality of nationalities, genders, or backgrounds appearing in art museums? And, which of these artists appear the most frequently? At SINGULART, we’ve researched painting and sculpture…

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    Renowned Colombian Artist Fernando Botero Passes Away at 91

    Fernando Botero, the celebrated Colombian painter and sculptor, has passed away at the age of 91, leaving behind an impressive artistic legacy. He was one of the most iconic Latin American artists of the 20th century, known for his voluptuous figures and his affinity for monumental dimensions. Born in 1932 in Medellin, Botero discovered his passion for art at a…

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    Five Reasons Art Basel Is the World’s Leading Art Fair

    Are you familiar with the international art scene? If so, chances are you’ve heard about Art Basel. Founded in 1970, this art fair has established itself as one of the most prominent art events worldwide. This annual fair serves as a platform for the best in contemporary art, attracting artists, collectors, and curators from around the globe. With editions in…

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    The Role of Art Galleries in the Contemporary Art Market

    The contemporary art market wouldn’t be what it is today without art galleries. Bringing recognition to the sheer complexity of what contemporary art has to offer, art galleries are the vehicle for spreading cultural values and increasing the notoriety of innovative practices in the contemporary art world. Art galleries are brimming with modernity, optimism and ideas, always advocating strongly for…

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    10 of the Most Expensive Paintings Sold Over the Past Decade and the Artists Behind Them

    The global art market is undeniably a behemoth valued at $67.8 billion, according to the 2023 Art Basel and UBS global art market report. Sales increased 3% over the last year, bringing the market above pre-pandemic levels. That growth was driven by sales from the high end of the market, which have captured the public imagination. In truth, this high-priced…

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    5 Reasons to Invest in Women Artists

    Have you considered investing in artwork by women artists? Here are the reasons why you should! Did you know that professional equity between women and men is a primary concern for SINGULART? A recent analysis showed that even though women make up half of the population, work by woman-identifying artists makes up only around 11% of U.S. museum acquisitions!1 SINGULART…

  • El Mal Que Percibieron by Tafy LaPlanche
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    How Can We Create a More Inclusive Art World?

    At SINGULART, we have always been quite data-driven. So when we decided to celebrate Black History Month this year, we were immediately led to some surprising statistics, which motivated us to do some further investigating… Featured image: El Mal Que Percibieron (2021), Tafy LaPlanche Black American artists have historically been underrepresented throughout art history and within the global art market.…

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    Best Art Museums in the USA

    The best museums in the USA, according to social media With so many cultures and beliefs embedded in US history, it makes sense that there are thousands of great art museums across the country. But which one is the best? Whilst art is subjective, by pulling data from Instagram and TikTok, we’ve uncovered the top museums in the USA according…

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    SINGULART Arrives at the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

    SINGULART will participate at the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam for the first time, this October 26 to 30. Celebrating its 16th edition, this international contemporary art fair will exhibit more than 1000 works from nearly 70 different galleries. We have curated a bold and impactful collection of works for this exciting event, and we have also planned an exclusive, on-site…

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    AI-Generated Art

    Can AI draw art? AI (artificial intelligence) has been increasing in popularity over the years, and is now worth more than $136 billion worldwide – with its value expected to increase by more than 13 times over the next eight years. Artificial intelligence enables machines to perform tasks that humans can do, by learning from experience and processing huge amounts…