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10 American Interior Designers to Look Out For

It’s important for many of us to have our own space. For those of us that are lucky enough to have it, we are often faced with the challenge of creating an environment that reflects our own tastes and serves as the perfect oasis, but where do we start? Firstly, we look to the masters of their craft for Interior Design inspiration. Each Interior Designer on this list offers up a unique point of view that will guide us towards achieving the spaces we’ve always dreamed of. Today we’re looking to the US to find inspiration from ten American Interior Designers to keep an eye on.

Karen Nepacena – Mid-Century Interior Design

Karen Nepacena describes her interior design as focused on creating warm mid-century modern spaces. Firstly, Nepacena began her design journey with home renovations in her Eichler home, a classic post-war Californian house design that sparks feelings of nostalgia for those that are familiar with Silicon Valley. Further, she took to the internet to document her home renovations, and her blog became an instant hit. Finally, it launched her into her dream career in interior design. Soon after, she and her husband, John Shum, launched Destination Eichler, a full-service design firm that delivers the mid-century modern spaces of your dreams.

These spaces are bright and open; a perfect opportunity to fill them with bold sculptures and mid-century designs.

Kelly Wearstler – Modern Interior Design

Kelly Wearstler has made a name for herself as an Interior Designer and Architecture dynamo. The multi-hyphenate is able to masterfully imbue storytelling into her designs while creating unique spaces for each of her clients. Moreover, Wearstler is not afraid of color or patterns and chooses to shy away from trendy minimalism in favor of bright, bold choices that have come to redefine Modern American Design.

These spaces call for artworks that are just as bold as the surroundings. Don’t be afraid of color and power clashing when it comes to this style.

Bobby Berk – Traditional Interior Design

You may have been first introduced to Bobby Berk in the hit Netflix television series, Queer Eye, but Berk started his journey as an interior designer over 20 years ago when he moved to New York City. Soon after, he worked his way up in the retail world, getting a grasp of mainstream trends at places such as Restoration Hardware and Portico Home + Spa.

Finally, Berk went out on his own in 2006 when he started his own company in lower Manhattan. Likewise, by 2015 he launched a full-service interior design company for residential, commercial, and hospitality clientele. At last, he stepped onto the world stage with Queer Eye where we all got to know his traditional design, which is inspired by 18th and 19th-century European styles, with an emphasis on formal and highly decorative elements.

This decorative style leaves room to play with space and experiment with various mediums. Consider a subtle sculpture or photograph to pull the eye.

Justina Blakeney – Boho Interior Design

Artist and Interior Designer Justina Blakeney creates boho-inspired spaces that you want to melt into. Her design includes something for everyone to enjoy, from the vibrant colors to the organic shapes of ceramics that are perfectly placed with that je ne sais quois many of us strive for. You can tell that this California native’s designs are influenced by her surroundings. That is to say, she is a big fan of bright colors and bold patterns. Moreover, she masterfully enlivens spaces with the perfect combination of color, plants, and patterns.

Boho spaces are complimented by beautiful organic shapes and rich color.

Jonathan Adler – Interior Designer of Fun

As a man of many talents, a potter, interior designer, and author, Jonathan Adler does it all. Firstly, he burst onto the scene in 1993 with a collection of his pottery in Barneys New York and from there, expanded to take over entire spaces with his designer’s eye. Since then, Adler has become known for creating “happy” spaces with his colorful and fun approach to his work, which is evidenced in his glorious interiors.

These spaces prove that interior designers need not be afraid to have a little fun. Don’t be afraid of bold sculptures and dynamic paintings.

Carmeon Hamilton – Fresh Boho Interior Designs

Self-described as a modern bohemian, Carmeon Hamilton is the Memphis-based founder of Nubi Interiors. She puts a twist on boho with clean lines and modern pieces that give a familiar but elevated feel for the style. Likewise, Hamilton reminds us of the importance of taking your time with your spaces, creating custom pieces, and enjoying the company of as many plants as you can.

In short, one gets a sense of warmth in these spaces. Complimentary artwork could include a sense of nostalgia, a longing for a bygone summer, and a bright color palate.

Mary McDonald – Classics

Interior and product designer Mary McDonald is a huge proponent of mixing old and new. McDonald has the uncanny ability to combine what may feel like out-there patterns with contemporary lines in a way that creates an exuberant yet timeless look.

Above all, minimal is key here. For instance, these spaces are focused on details and refinement. To sum up, McDonald encourages us to experiment with lines and a toned-down color palate to tie the room together and emphasize design.

Rayman Boozer – Modern with a Twist

Founder of the beloved home furnishing store APARTMENT 48, a New York City staple, Rayman Boozer is the go-to for chic energetic pops of color. Boozer delivers fresh takes on old classics in a way that is as fun as his personality. There’s always something beautiful to catch your eye in Boozer’s spaces.

Dynamic spaces like these call for artworks that exude certain energy. Artworks with bold color and a blend of old and new tie together this funky layout.

Monet Masters and Dorothy McGhee – Organic Living

Essence, Architectural Digest, Veranda, Elle Decor, Domino, House Beautiful, are just a few of the publications that are naming Forbes + Masters an interior design firm to look out for. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters are the principal designers who work alongside Dorothy McGhee to create inspiring work. Together these interior designers create spaces that are welcoming and modern. They add their signature with personal touches such as custom furnishings and eye-catching patterns.

Organic patterns and shapes are king in this setting. This allows for artworks that give a nod to the choices of materials and subtle accents.

Breegan Jane – Elevated Minimal Interior Design

Breegan Jane is a woman on a mission. She balances being an interior designer, philanthropist, lifestyle influencer, TV personality and mother, and she does it all with style. Hailing from California, Jane harnesses natural light in her designs wherever she can in order to create a feeling of warmth and openness. She polishes everything off with nice touches of metallics and unique lighting to give a space a feeling of refinement.

These spaces are minimal with items but rich with design and choice of artworks. Find bold statement pieces that spark feelings of calm.

Keep an eye on these American Interior Designers or take inspiration from designers we’ve talked to in the past! No matter your space, SINGULART is here to help you find the art you love.

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