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How to Invest in Sculpture

Why you should invest in sculpture

Whether an experienced collector, or thinking about your first purchase, sculpture might add a dimension to your space that you never knew you needed. Sculptures have a unique ability to draw the gaze in any space. They therefore make an excellent investment choice for the new collector wanting to make a visual statement, or the experienced collector who has run out of wall space, as they can be placed on counter tops, floors, and even outdoors. They also offer a contrasting way to display a mix of tastes and styles in one space as they can be placed near other artworks, or be used to enhance gallery walls.

What to know before you invest in sculpture

Whilst sculptures provide another route for you to explore your personal taste, they are also worth considering as investment pieces. Before you buy, it is essential you do your research, focusing on the current trends of the art market. For example, pop art sculpture has been overperforming at major auction houses over the last few years, with Jeff Koon’s sculpture “Rabbit’ selling for a record-breaking $91.1 million in 2019. Sotheby’s and Christie’s also predict a diversification of the art market, with an increase of interest in sculpture from Africa, Asia and Latin America. With Singulart, searching for sculptures from specific countries is made easy with our adjustable search categories.

How to define your search criteria

Once you figure out what style of sculpture interests you, abstract or constructionist, marble or metal, the largest consideration is price. A budget of €1,000 is a good starting point for your first purchase. But there is no one way to start a collection. When deciding upon your upper and lower limits, ask yourself would you prefer purchasing artwork from an emerging artist or from a top seller? Your answers will have a significant impact on prices, with emerging artists providing a more affordable option for first time buyers, and top sellers providing the best investment options for seasoned collectors.

What to look for when buying sculpture

As well as researching the different types of art and their popularity, you should also conduct some research on individual artists. From an investment perspective it is useful to know the credentials of the artist by checking their CV, press coverage, and finding out if they perform well in auctions and shows. You should also gauge the artist’s popularity with other collectors. Artworks are typically used as medium-to-long term investments, and they sometimes spend years at auction. Therefore, choosing a sculpture that meets the market trends might be of benefit if you decide to sell, but choosing a sculpture that speaks to you on a personal level is equally important.

Where to look for sculpture

Supplement your research with in-person visits to museums, galleries and art fairs to help develop your taste and knowledge of the art scene. Emerging artists can be found during the graduate shows of the major art schools, including Central Saint Martins, Royal Academy School in London, and the Beaux-Arts in Paris. As well as traditional auctions, first time buyers often find online art auctions less-intimidating.